LSTCalc: fast dilutions for LST Fastfloat

Sometimes you want to know how much water to add to - or evaporate from - your LST Fastfloat heavy liquid to get the right density.

LSTCalc is a simple but useful software programme which you can download here for free. No need to use charts or tedious calculations. Just enter in the density you want, the density you have now, and your current volume of solution. LSTCalc will instantly calculate how much water you need to add or evaporate off. LSTCalc is free to users of LST Fastfloat.

LSTCalc is easy to install on most Windows systems. Download LSTCalc to a convenient folder on your pc, and it is ready to run by clicking on the icon. To get LSTCalc now, click on this download link.

If you require more information please email